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because I know you're...
you mouth
but I'm ready
to try
your own tongue
I'm delighted
you discovered
sex & selfishness
substance(s) & circumstance
excelling at art
excrement & experimentation
exposing your
private parts
I know how
your heart breaks
over the sounds
those empty words make
and everything reminds you
of everything you're not
you're bruised
drowning in booze
and forever in love
with yourself
I get it
give me something real
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 179 311
where am I...
we're creatures
   of comfortable
   the moon and stars,
   only to settle
   for a collection
   of vintage night lights
   and a few bright ideas
tickled red,
   glowing pink,
   and empty essence
   like the smiles of battered wives,
   keeping them alive
well wrapped
   in the string of days
   that stretches back
   further than memory
hung low enough
   for only the lonely
   to trip over,
   together falling
   into belonging
in the box
   for the pieces
   missing from puzzles,
   that stand alone
   as pretty pictures
:iconoldest-boy:oldest-boy 10 50
We're always waiting...
You lie there still(so still)
and I am holding in my breath
waiting(I'm always waiting)
for you to just open your eyes.
I like to imagine
that they would glow
with the light
of the thousands
of dreams and wishes
you have swallowed in your sleep.
I like to imagine
that maybe
you have been waiting
for the person
who could share them
(I like to imagine it is me).
I sit here still(so still)
and you are holding your eyes shut
waiting(you're always waiting)
for me to push that breath past my lips.
You like to imagine
that they would darken
with the shadow
of the thousands
of tears and heartbreaks
I have spit out in my life.
You like to imagine
that maybe
I have been waiting
for the person
who could take them
(you like to imagine it is you).
:icondraecana:draecana 1 10
Courage by coffee-and-pepper Courage :iconcoffee-and-pepper:coffee-and-pepper 3,066 420 pained. by shark127 pained. :iconshark127:shark127 3 0 A Window to Souls by Sugargrl14 A Window to Souls :iconsugargrl14:Sugargrl14 5,357 409
fish in the sea
when the clock's arms fell,
i swore it was a compass
leading me
back to you
"This is about broken hearts, isn't it?"
it's more pertaining to
hiding my ears so far from promises
that i wake up
next to something else
to run from
but, "yes."
:iconoldest-boy:oldest-boy 10 30
Have you seen me?
I walk lightly,
still waking myself up,
it must be the egg shells,
     stuck in my feet,
I know,
I’m dirty,
these six months clean,
in a dressing room
       trying on
             my own outfit
sure, my life could use some change,
this cashier just keeps ignoring me,
my eyes have lost
                       their flame
funny how I always feel
                       the same.
wide open,
“Hey man I love your poems,
They’re thought provoking!”
I wrote them
for you and
:iconoldest-boy:oldest-boy 42 75
Remains Of The Red Scare
ich leib dich,
and your cynical
self righteous passion for
and cancer  sticks.
je t'aime,
and your malignant
marxist fear.
i love you.
and alright, so communism didn't work,
neither does your lack-of-progression
in play to an
waiting to happen.
but hey babe,
я любовь сокр.
:iconanitarose:anitaROSE 1 8
Battlefield Oasis
Amid the desert sand swells,
Made from grains carried on whipping winds
And discarded carelessly along the way,
a fate they've long shared,
She marches silently onward.
Grim determination set on her face,
A warrior's eyes,
A nomad's mind,
She directs her battlecry
only to herself this time.
She's tripped the wires before,
In this mindfield of insults and dirty looks,
Set off the fireworks.
And the preditors came out,
Carrions sniffing at wounded meat,
Intent to rip
The flesh from her heart.
She rebuilt it with stone,
Refusing to lay down
And let them pick apart her flaws.
Now, she is friend to no one;
Enemy only to herself.

Lost in repeating scenery,
Wary of the weary, like herself,
She watches every step
Avoiding another explosion.
Avoiding any contact.
She is her own oasis.
:iconout-of-spite:Out-Of-Spite 11 64
like a network
of unfolding stems
we sprung
from dirt
grasping at grace
(in the face)
in the mostly
off white
of the almost
all mighty
put those
soulful windows
in my fingers
so I can
trace the shape
of everlasting
sayin' lord
how you often
weigh on me
oh lord
how I'm tired
of scraping
these prayers
from the ground
stone mouths
disdain motion
those same rocks
what brought forth
the water
hold me under
while I
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 40 78
What have i done?
Every scar
tells a story.
Torn glory
with NO
Fore warning,
Asleep in
a Ocean
Of my own
Abrupt? Sure.
These thoughts
are rough.
"Jumped from
the Frying Pan,"
into a field
of nails, and
I'm stuck.
Perhaps i was
Just Enough.
Perfectly Strange,
Vision Blurred,
Fantasies Engaged.
I Vow to ruin
the falseness
You've staged.
every sand castle,
You Arrange.
Rattling the cage,
Heating the
Cold blood,
Within your
still, somehow
Living veins.
Jaw stuck in that
Dropped position.
Could you refrain
from embracing that
painted reaction
on your Unforgiving Face?
Alive, thanks to
My Imagination.
Corrosive voltage
Slow motion
Notions of "Make it stop!"
I Rattled your cage
For fun,
Days after I had
Picked the locks.
:iconoldest-boy:oldest-boy 7 18
remember spring by cloud-room remember spring :iconcloud-room:cloud-room 1,740 117 leave me alone by cloud-room leave me alone :iconcloud-room:cloud-room 696 41 run away too far away by cloud-room run away too far away :iconcloud-room:cloud-room 3,013 192


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